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Brooklyn Bridge Video: “Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Earth” Light Show

Today, Occupy Wall Street held demonstrations throughout New York City. Reports are that 30,000 plus people participated.

One of the exciting, creative, nonviolent moments was when occupiers projected a huge, light show onto the nearby Verizon Building, to the delight of fellow marchers on the Brooklyn Bridge. What a great moment for the 99%.

Below is video of the light show:

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Plus, The People’s Library opens on The Brooklyn Bridge… Continue reading Brooklyn Bridge Video: “Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Earth” Light Show

Bumper Sticker: War is for the 1%


Bumper Sticker Art: War Is For The 1%

Click on the photo or the link above to purchase this bumper sticker.

Both sets of Peace Couples are proud to announce the launching of our new Cafe Press shop. Hope you are as eager as we are to see the shop fill up with items that celebrate peace and nonviolence.

Our first item is a bumper sticker, with a slogan inspired by Occupy Wall Street, and dreamed up by Duchess Susanna:

“War is for the 1%”

You can purchase this bumper sticker at the PeaceCouple Cafe Press Shop for $5.

We truly appreciate your financial support for our message, and for our continuous work promoting peace and nonviolence.

Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna
Ian and Kimberly Wilder
of Wilderside LTD

Peace Songs and Chants for 10/21/2011: We Are The 99%

“We Are The 99%…Who Are We?” is a chant, with some melody to it, that Duchess Susanna has chosen for the Peace Song of the Day. This chant was overheard on the Global Live Stream (reflecting live streaming from Denmark.)

Below is a video which includes clips from Denmark, and a clear version of the chant. Underneath that video are two other 99% songs from the Occupy movement.

Video: Occupy Wall Street: Three Chants for the 99%

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Oct 20th: Occupy Wall Street with your bank account [PLUS Bank Transfer Day on Nov 5th]

Compassionate Finance: Bring Your Money Back To Your Community
Emancipate Yourselves at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street, and the occupy movement, are an attempt to solve the problem of disparity of wealth and political influence between the 99% of people, and the 1%. A lot of the focus is on making corporations accountable, and on keeping mega-banks in their place.

This week, there is a way for you to directly put a crimp in the power of the mega-banks. You can join with the 99% to make a shift from big banks, to smaller, locally-based credit unions. You can celebrate “International Credit Union Day“, an annual event sponsored by the Credit Union National Association [CUNA].

On October 20, 2011, consider closing (or starting the process of closing) any bank accounts you have with big banks, and moving your money to a credit union (or small, local bank.) That is all you have to do to make a big difference, and send a huge message to the mega-banks and to our government.

As CUNA notes:

Credit unions are unique because they

are not-for-profit, democratically controlled,

member-owned cooperatives. Continue reading Oct 20th: Occupy Wall Street with your bank account [PLUS Bank Transfer Day on Nov 5th]

Occupy Wall Street…Peace Song for 9/25/2011

The Peace Song of the Day, as chosen by Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace, is “Occupy Wall Street (We Are The 99%)”. “Occupy Wall Street” was written by Long Island singer/songwriter Jeremy Gilchrist, who used to play music at our favorite Cafe (now a victim of the economic downturn.) You can see the lyrics to the song in text at the bottom of this post.

For more information about Occupy Wall Street, please visit the website where they first called for the demonstration: Adbusters.org

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