Brooklyn Bridge Video: “Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Earth” Light Show

Today, Occupy Wall Street held demonstrations throughout New York City. Reports are that 30,000 plus people participated.

One of the exciting, creative, nonviolent moments was when occupiers projected a huge, light show onto the nearby Verizon Building, to the delight of fellow marchers on the Brooklyn Bridge. What a great moment for the 99%.

Below is video of the light show:

* * *
Plus, The People’s Library opens on The Brooklyn Bridge…

It was also reported that there was a win for the People’s Library. After The NYC Mayor, The NYPD Police, and NYC Sanitation workers destroyed 5,000 books from the People’s Library at Liberty Square the other day, the library has popped up in another form. Evidently, the occupiers put a People’s Library on the Brooklyn Bridge today. So, “The Library Is Open” at Liberty Square AND on the Brooklyn Bridge. More stories and photos at The People’s Library website: here.

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