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“Mothers, Daughters, Wives”: Peace Song for 7/14/2011

Mothers, Daughters, Wives” by Judy Small is the Royal Song of the Day. The lyrics can be found at Rise Up Singing, page 162.

Below is a heart-wrenching version by “The Corries”


The first time it was fathers, the last time it was sons
And in between your husbands, marched away with guns & drums
And you never thought to question, you just went on with your lives
‘Cause all they’d taught you who to be was mothers, daughters, wives

Susanna, Duchess of Peace, tells more about today’s choice: Continue reading “Mothers, Daughters, Wives”: Peace Song for 7/14/2011

Royal Peace Song of The Day: “Little Boxes” made of ticky tacky

Duchess Susanna writes: It amazes me the way that some people will go out and buy exactly the same dress, in exactly the same color, that Duchess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) wore somewhere. For my own sense of independence and dignity, I would at least want to pick a different color. Though, the exact ones modeled by the princess are the exact ones that get sold out and crash websites.

The idea of all of these women strolling around Great Britain and the United States in the same dress reminded me of what my departed friend, Susan Blake, called “the monoculture”. And, it reminded me of the Malvina Reynolds song “Little Boxes”. The song “Little Boxes” is The Royal Peace Song of the Day. It is can be found on page 2 in Rise Up Singing. (Favorite campfire song book of The Duke and Duchess of Peace.) Continue reading Royal Peace Song of The Day: “Little Boxes” made of ticky tacky

Prince William and Duchess Catherine: How the other half live…

Duchess Susanna writes: As someone who values freedom and liberty, I am particularly upset to think that Will and Kate – who are from another country – entered our country without the choice/threat of a full body scanner or an aggressive pat-down by the TSA. I would like to hear more about what kind of measures that they had to endure to travel to The United States, versus what American citizens have to endure when leaving or entering their own country.

On the other hand, I do not wish anyone to have to endure the danger of a dose of radiation administered by a low-level security worker, or a pat-down which is practically sexual abuse. So, I would rather ask that none of us have to endure those bad TSA choices, rather than actually wishing the bad things on Duchess Catherine. Still, that dilemma is part of the problem with politics. If the media and government propagandize certain people to seem like nice, sweet, heroes, then it is hard to wish those people ill, even while their indulgence comes at your expense. Continue reading Prince William and Duchess Catherine: How the other half live…

TSA to Prince William: Boxers or Briefs?

Duke Augustus: The corporate media have been in an absolute tizzy over every stitch of clothing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been wearing while blithely passing along all their military boosterism.  They have even exposed Kate Middleton’s preferred choice of undergarments.

Now we are going to be inundated with more information about Kate & Will’s unmentionables then we would ever want to know.  As Prince William and Duchess Catherine fly into the United States today, they will meet up with this country’s first line of defense, the TSA.

And we are not just talking a cancer-causing full body scan here.  Remember Prince William is not only a foreign national, he is a member of a foreign military.  The military he belongs to has a history of violent attacks upon US citizens and fomenting insurrection within the Unites States.    In addition, Prince William has just spent the last week trolling along the US border, and boasting of his country’s military exploits.

Prince William is a TSA profiler’s dream.  If he, and his entourage, don’t get pulled off the customs line for a full body search, then the whole Homeland Security Department should be fired.

Royal Rants: Coverage of protesters to the other royal tour

The Duke and Duchess of Peace have not encountered any protests against them thus far.

Though, for Prince William and Duchess Catherine, there have been some protests criticizing the monarchy in general, Queen Elizabeth, and the cost of their tour.

Here are some articles of interest:

Re: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the Inistitut de Tourisme et D’Hotellerie du Quebec, for a cooking class: Continue reading Royal Rants: Coverage of protesters to the other royal tour

The Duke and Duchess of Peace reflect on Canada Day celebration

After perusing the household treasury, The Duke and Duchess of Peace have determined that they are unable to visit our Canadian neighbors as part of their current tour. Though, it has been interesting to follow the current focus of world thought on Canada.

The Duke and Duchess were disappointed with Prince William’s big speech. Because, the speech included a list of past wars which Canada has fought. We do not believe that countries should be proud of war, especially wars for territory. It would be more honorable to have solved historical differences with diplomacy. You can see the video of Prince William’s speech for Canada Day, which shows the eerie juxtaposition of celebration, pride, and militarism at The Express UK: here. We have concluded that part of his job is to make sure that England will have Canada for back-up again if they want to start any new wars.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace do believe Canada is a wonderful country. And, we have enjoyed studying Canadian culture. Continue reading The Duke and Duchess of Peace reflect on Canada Day celebration

Royal Tour: The Duke and Duchess sing a hymn against tyranny

Today’s Royal Tour 4 Peace event was a sing-a-long. You can sing along, too…

Today, July 1, 2011, Prince William and Duchess Catherine attended a Canadian citizenship ceremony.

Some of the media coverage noted that new citizens to Canada pledge themselves as subjects to the Queen of England. The Duke and Duchess of Peace find that pledge to be problematic and undemocratic. The Duke and Duchess believe it is problematic enough for people to pledge alliance to a flag, as in America, especially knowing that to some people, the pledge means going to war at the command of the US government. But, it seems even worse, and somewhat humiliating, to be required to pledge allegiance to one person, an unelected leader.

So, for their Royal Tour 4 Peace, Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna stayed home, and commemorated the days events by singing the song “Because All Men Are Brothers“. The song is about the dignity of all people, and speaks of defeating tyrants. The Duke and Duchess thought it was a good reflection on what it means to have people still subjected to royalty in the 21st century. Continue reading Royal Tour: The Duke and Duchess sing a hymn against tyranny