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US Daily Peace Index reaches new high on 8/29/2012

The PAXi — The Daily Peace Culture Index of the United States — recently achieved the 150 level for the first time. PAXi was 150 on August 8th. And, today, Wednesday, August 29, 2012, DPCIUS/PAXi reached another new high of 153.

In trying to uncover why PAXi is so high on certain days, there is some guesswork involved. Though, we can also search the same indicators that got us to the PAXi score, and see what some of the stories and/or content is about.

So, here are some goings on in the universe of peace and nonviolence, which may have led to today’s impressive amount of discussion about peace, nonviolence, and antiwar sentiment: Continue reading US Daily Peace Index reaches new high on 8/29/2012

Peace Index: Daily stats for the peace movement

Peace Index. Daily stats for words such as “peace”, “nonviolence”, and “anti-war”. How much are Americans talking about peace today?

See ongoing chart of daily peace index numbers under **asterisks** at the bottom of this post.

“When will the wars end?” I wonder that each day, and, I reflect on secondary questions, such as: “Is anyone succeeding with peace work lately?” and “Is the peace movement thriving?”.

I had always wished there was a way to check up on these concerns, a way to check the pulse of peace. I wanted to find statistics on peace, just like people can find statistics on the stock market, the price of gold, or, even, the casualties of war. I did a little research, and I could not find a number or index that answered my questions. There are some very good peace indexes. Though, the ones I found are only calculated yearly, or they only changed when big events happen.

So, it is still impossible to predict exactly when the wars will end. Though, we have devised a system to give some answers about the status of peace and antiwar sentiment in the United States. The system is The Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States [DPCIUS], which has the nickname PAXi. The PAXi number will be posted prominently at Peace Couple every day. [Well, we try!] We hope you will seek it out when you do your daily searches for news, information, and updates on the state of the world. Continue reading Peace Index: Daily stats for the peace movement

“Don’t fight! ‘Cause the sun is shining…”: Peace Song for 2/1/2012

“Sunday Shining” by Finley Quaye is the Peace Song of the Day for February 1st. (Thanks to local, Long Island radio station WEHM for playing it on this sunny day, and giving us the idea!)
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Coded messages: Peace Song for 1/11/2012

“Follow The Drinkin’ Gourd” is the Peace Song of the Day for January 11, 2012. You can find lyrics, chords, and resources for this song at the Rise Up Singing songbook on page 59.

This is an African American spiritual. It contained secret messages for slaves about how they could use astronomy to find their way to the first stop on “The Underground Railroad”, and travel North to freedom.

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Stand in the place where you are: Peace Song for 11/15/2011

“Stand” by R.E.M. is the Peace Song of the Day for November 15th. The Duke and Duchess of Peace would like to dedicate this song to the folks occupying Liberty Square in NYC. Last night, they lost a lot of supplies, and thousands of books, because the city and the police tried to stop them from redressing their government.

Support and strength to Occupy Wall Street to stand firm at Liberty Square. Support and strength to all the occupiers, who are nobly using nonviolent action to promote democracy and social justice.

Thursday, November 17th is an International Day of Action. Folks in New York City will be trying to occupy the whole city and the subways.

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Fri 10/22: Pete Seeger, Tao Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, in NYC

Link to youtube video of Pete Seeger marching through the streets, with entourage: here.

Link to video of Pete Seeger singing “We Shall Overcome”
at Columbus Circle, available at Michael Moore’s youtube: here.

Exciting news! Who do you know in New York City who would love to see a little folk music history? Tonight, Friday 10/21/2011 at Columbus Circle around midnight.

Iconic folk singer Pete Seeger and his grandson Tao will become the latest notable musicians to march in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters when they join up with the crowd tonight.

The march departs at 10:30 p.m. by Peter Jay Shape Theatre on Broadway and is expected to wrap up at midnight at Columbus Circle, where folk musicians are planning to stage a midnight occupation.

The march follows a performance featuring Pete Seeger and Tao Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, and Suzanne Vega.