Peace Songs and Chants for 10/21/2011: We Are The 99%

“We Are The 99%…Who Are We?” is a chant, with some melody to it, that Duchess Susanna has chosen for the Peace Song of the Day. This chant was overheard on the Global Live Stream (reflecting live streaming from Denmark.)

Below is a video which includes clips from Denmark, and a clear version of the chant. Underneath that video are two other 99% songs from the Occupy movement.

Video: Occupy Wall Street: Three Chants for the 99%

The video above includes three chants: “We Are The 99 percent (who are we?)”; “All Day, All Week, Occupy Wall Street”; and “Ain’t No Flies On Us” More about Occupy Wall Street

Now, a brand new Occupy music video…

“We Are The 99%” (as we gather together)
Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir

And, a relative “oldie” but goodie, that we have posted here before. It is so valuable because it is simple, and full of love. A great introduction to your friends and family who want to understand the occupy vibe…

Jeremy Gilchrist
Occupy Wall Street (We Are The 99%)

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