Some Calypso, Anyone?: Peace Song of the Day for 10/20/2011

“Walk in Peace”, by Sir Lancelot Pinard, is the Peace Song of the Day for Thursday, October 20th. I uncovered this song in the book “Songs That Changed The World”.

In researching this song, I learned about the interesting history of Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard (1902-2001) and his career. First of all, he earned his title in a similar manner to Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna — it suited him. Pinard was an inspiration to Harry Belafonte, and was appreciated by 1948 Progressive Party Presidential candidate, Henry A. Wallace.

-Susanna, Duchess of Peace

I was not able to find a video for this song, but there is a path to an MP3 at the readmore…

Path to MP3 of “Walk in Peace” by Sir Lancelot
Go to this link:
Scroll down to “Disc 8”
Click on the megaphone/sound player
Part 2 has the beginning of the chorus

Excerpt from lyrics
“Walk in Peace”
Found in the book “Songs That Changed The World”
Edited by Wanda Willson Whitman

We must learn to give and take,
If a better world we hope to make,
How can you teach Hungarians democracy,
While at home you practice racial bigotry?
We must get the other fellow’s point of view;
He has a right to his opinions, too.
You know, the “know-how” of being free
Is not a Yankee monopoly.


For it’s as simple as one and one makes two,
Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you,
It’s the only way that wars will cease,
And men of goodwill shall walk in peace…

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  1. I will allow this because it seems that the only way to communicate with the white world is through the dead, dry leaves of a book.

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