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Dance, Recite, and Converse for Earth Day!

For this Earth Day, we wanted to share with you some of the movies, music, and books that have inspired us to joyfully engage in our environmental activism.

Mindwalk.  This movie is a favorite of Ian’s.  It is based on the book Turning Point by physicist Fritjof Capra.  Capra is best know for his book, The Tao of Physics which removes the artificial barriers between religious understanding and scientific understanding.  The book, The Turning Point, presented the movie maker’s problem of how to turn a book about the complexity of our ecological problems into a narrative.  The solution was to set it in a beautiful place,  Mont. St. Michael, France.  And set in motion a discussion between a physicist (Liv Ullmann) and poet (John Heard), and a former presidential candidate  (Sam Waterston) as they walk through Mont. St. Michael.  The narrative form also provided a solution to a lesser problem.  There was already a very famous ballet movie called Turning Point, so the Capra’s movie was named Mindwalk to avoid confusion and reflect the new form.

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