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Peace Updates: Where is the index? And, what are the peace couple up to?

Kimberly and Ian Wilder are currently working on their second eBook. It should be out within the next couple of weeks. This new book is high on activism, with lots of great photos.

As for the PAXi/Peace Index…

Kimberly has been lax in publishing the daily PAXi/Peace Index numbers. Though, most days, the raw data has been gathered.

We thought it would be interesting to see a year-to-year comparison with recent numbers.

Last year’s PAXi numbers:

Sunday, October 7, 2012: 179
Monday, October 8, 2012: 179 (Columbus Day)
Tuesday, October 9, 2012: 198

These figures from last year happened as the all-time high for PAXi had stood at 337.

This year’s PAXi numbers: Continue reading Peace Updates: Where is the index? And, what are the peace couple up to?

Peace Index: Daily stats for the peace movement

Peace Index. Daily stats for words such as “peace”, “nonviolence”, and “anti-war”. How much are Americans talking about peace today?

See ongoing chart of daily peace index numbers under **asterisks** at the bottom of this post.

“When will the wars end?” I wonder that each day, and, I reflect on secondary questions, such as: “Is anyone succeeding with peace work lately?” and “Is the peace movement thriving?”.

I had always wished there was a way to check up on these concerns, a way to check the pulse of peace. I wanted to find statistics on peace, just like people can find statistics on the stock market, the price of gold, or, even, the casualties of war. I did a little research, and I could not find a number or index that answered my questions. There are some very good peace indexes. Though, the ones I found are only calculated yearly, or they only changed when big events happen.

So, it is still impossible to predict exactly when the wars will end. Though, we have devised a system to give some answers about the status of peace and antiwar sentiment in the United States. The system is The Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States [DPCIUS], which has the nickname PAXi. The PAXi number will be posted prominently at Peace Couple every day. [Well, we try!] We hope you will seek it out when you do your daily searches for news, information, and updates on the state of the world. Continue reading Peace Index: Daily stats for the peace movement