Who is asking Obama for peace?: Please advise

The State of The Union is tonight. [was Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013]

I have seen messages in my e-mail from various groups with important lobbying messages for President Obama. Though, I don’t recall seeing anyone specifically lobbying for peace.

I will have my eyes open, and blog here with any messages or demonstrations about peace.

Please, please, comment and/or send links to groups working on a peace/anti-war message for this evening.

It will be interesting to look at the way the The Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States (aks: PAXi Peace Index) moves in the lead-up and follow-up to the State of the Union.

PAXi is designed to describe the amount of energy and discussion devoted to peace in The United States each day. So, the PAXi numbers should reveal something about President Obama’s speech, and the reaction to it in the United States.

PAXi Peace Index
sample for State of the Union/SOTU Feb 2013

For Feb 11th (the day before the SOTU):

For Feb 12th (in the hours before the SOTU):

For Feb 13th (after the SOTU):

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