Peace Index Update for 2/7/2013

Peace Index for Thursday, February 7, 2013 is 190.

If you are following the Peace Index, apologies for the fact that we are a few weeks behind on posting.

Kimberly and Ian (aka The Duke and Duchess of Peace) have relocated from their apartment in North Babylon to a new home in Riverhead, Long Island, New York. (Ie: We moved east).

As of now, there are boxes everywhere! Though, we have still been collecting the data. And, we will fill in the Peace Index numbers for missing dates when we catch up with things. Please let us know if you are seeking numbers for a certain day.

About today’s Peace Index:

Explanation and charts on PAXi Peace Index: here

PAXi started at 131
(Opening Date of July 15, 2012)

One of the highest days was 754

Today’s PAXi level was reached in part due to a high number on the search for “peace” on “Google News”.
-Feb 5th, Google News “peace” = 2,820,000
-Feb 6TH, Google News “peace” = 3,460,000
-Feb 7th (today) Google News “peace” = 3,570,000
-Hot stories at Google News for peace are Obama in the Middle East and Trayvon Martin supporters urging peace and nonviolence.


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