For peace and more democracy: An alternative to the royal, Diamond Jubilee

Our humble thoughts as Americans who are peace and justice activists is below.

For those readers who are subjects of the Queen, and/or understand the monarchy better than we do, you may want to attend the Occupy London event on June 3rd, and/or read these articles from the English press:

from The Newser
Anti-Monarchists Gear Up to Derail Queen’s Jubilee

from The Independent UK
The case for a republic is as strong now as it has always been


On this Diamond Jubilee weekend, the (whimsical) Duke and Duchess of Peace call for an alternative to monarchy

The Peace Couple contemplate The Peace Pole
The Duke and Duchess of Peace

Peace Couple was born partly out of this idea: In our current culture of war and militarism, institutions such as the monarchy are used to gloss over war, and to co-opt the powerful energy of community story-telling towards a constant background banter for accumulated wealth and constant war.

So, while we wish Queen Elizabeth well as a person, we are not excited to see the English Monarchy — an institution of royalty, power, and privilege descending from the happenstance of birth — still existing in our world.

Also, we think Americans should not be sucked into the publicity stunt that the English government and aristocracy foist upon the English people with royal events. If you as a foreigner don’t want to critique the antiquated, undemocratic institution of the monarchy, at least don’t promote it or buy the memorabilia plates.

The AP story about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is ludicrous. It states, “[Queen] Elizabeth herself has no political role.”

To say that the Queen has no political role is exactly the hogwash that the current powers-that-be would like the masses to believe. Come on, it is ridiculous not to notice the power that the King or Queen of England have. For one, after elections, it is the royal head of state who officially asks the Prime Minister to call a government together. The duty seems mostly ceremonious. Though, what a bully pulpit. Imagine the Queen decided not to make the request? It is a piece of potential, political energy that could, of course, be used that one time it might be needed.

And, there are so many other, subtle and not so subtle ways that the royal family and the royal head of state influence politics. One way is the power of the social sphere. When the people your role allows you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with in ceremonies, bestow honors on, and wine and dine with, are top political and military leaders, of course, you will shape the direction of the Empire.

In addition, just having a title of royalty gives someone a celebrity and an authority which causes them to become models for everything from values, to manners, to fashion. Instead of using this power for a greater good, the royal family at best, uses it to promote big business, and at worst, to support the military at every opportunity. One example is how Prince William wore his military uniform on his wedding day.

Of course, another problem with the entire aristocracy is all the accumulated wealth that comes with the unfair inheritance system of Primogeniture.

In our country, people such as Warren Buffet, Ralph Nader, and Michael Moore have implored the wealthiest people to turn their eyes to ways that they can donate money and shape the world towards justice. Imagine if The Queen of England used her voice and her influence to address problems of wealth inequality, unfair inheritance laws, and over-militarism? Let the Queen show up at Occupy London. Now, that would be a reason for a cheery blog post and a Queen Elizabeth memorabilia plate.



For Americans who want to consider studying this issue, a note on terminology: “Republicans” in England, are people who critique or want to end the monarchy. Though, the concept of “Republican” comes from a certain tradition. There are also other English, anti-monarchists who may not identify as Republicans.

(excerpt from) The Newser
Anti-Monarchists Gear Up to Derail Queen’s Jubilee

Not everyone in Britain is thrilled beyond words about Queen Elizabeth’s big diamond jubilee on Saturday: Somewhere between 22% and 50% of Britons are estimated to be anti-monarchist, and with a tough austerity program rocking Britain’s economy, many anti-austerity protesters are teaming up with republicans to demonstrate against the flashy (and costly) celebrations of Britain’s second-longest serving monarch ever, reports the Guardian. Yesterday, 400 people gathered for an “alternative jubilee street party” outside the deputy prime minister’s home…

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