Royal Rant: Critique of the monarchy

The Duke and Duchess of Peace try to be very diplomatic in their observations of the royal family. We feel a certain “noblesse oblige”, and we strive to practice Nonviolent Communication.

Though, there are difficult struggles in life, culture, and politics which must sometimes be addressed head on. And, even in NVC/Nonviolent Communication, there is a time to allow people to vent.

So, we will open up our website to some sincere critiques of the monarchy. We think it is especially important to allow political critiques from people who are in countries that are part of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms.

Below is a link and excerpt from a story at the Vancouver Sun, with an interesting take on the Canadian tour of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

(excerpt from)The Vancouver Sun
Young, attractive, but increasingly irrelevant
by Barbara Yaffe / June 29, 2011

The Royal Family’s temporary boost in popularity belies the reality of the monarchy’s importance to Canada

The biggest public spectacle of the summer is almost upon us: William and Kate are about to tour Canada.

The telegenic newlywed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -with a support staff of seven -are scheduled to arrive in Ottawa on Thursday. Over nine days they’ll make their way across this one-time British colony by plane, ship, helicopter and seaplane.

The trip will be treated as though it were one of the most important events on Earth…

The truth is, those outside the confines of Canada’s Monarchist League will be watching the visit purely as a spectacle, to get a glimpse at what life is like for the rich and famous.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are rock stars, celebs, gorgeous young people who have outfits to die for and never put a foot wrong.

Interest in the visit won’t have much to do with the reality of Canada’s governance system, which decrees William eventually will become Canada’s head of state.

Visits to Canada by members of the Royal Family are undertaken to reinforce Commonwealth ties and reflect the odd notion, in 2011, a personage from England continues to function as this country’s governing titan.

Increasingly, that notion is being questioned. In a mature democracy, surely a Canadian head of state should preside…

Another factor working against the monarchy business in Canada is this country’s strong belief in egalitarianism and the idea that individual effort and enterprise are what count in life.

One pithy posting on the website nails the point: “I refuse to acknowledge these people as royals. They are not royalty. No one is royalty. This is thinking from the 15th century…

The tour is bound to be a grand success, underscoring the notion that William and Kate are a delightful couple.

And nothing more…

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