The ultimate song about nonviolence: Peace Song for 11/12

“Take It From Dr. King”, by Pete Seeger, is The Peace Song of the Day for November 12th. This song is the ultimate celebration of nonviolent activism for social change. It tells the story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, the bus boycott, and The Civil Rights movement. It also has the somewhat tense, but poignantly necessary line, “Drop the gun.”

* * *
Excerpt from “Take It From Dr. King”

(First verse)
Down in Alabama, 1955,
Not many of us here tonight were then alive;
A young Baptist preacher led a bus boycott,
He led the way for a brand new day without firing a shot.

Don’t say it can’t be done
The battle’s just begun
Take it from Dr. King
You too can learn to sing
So drop the gun.


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