It’s Time To Occupy, words of Joan Baez: Peace Song for 11/11/11

Where’s My Apple Pie” by Joan Baez is the Peace Song of the Day for November 11th. (Yes, we are announcing it a day late. But, some folks were singing it yesterday.)

Joan Baez performed this song, with a new, additional chorus, at the Occupy Wall Street concert for Veterans Day 2011.

* * *

Excerpt from lyrics:

Oh where’s our apple pie, my friends?
Where’s our apple pie?
We’ve walked and wheeled from the battlefield
Now where’s our apple pie?

(A Verse)
I volunteered for the last one
And I don’t want to moralize
But somehow I thought we deserved the best
For the way we threw away our lives
For we all believed in something
I know it wasn’t very clear
But I know it wasn’t rats in a hospital room
And a broken-down wheelchair

(New chorus for 2011)
It’s time to occupy, my friends,
It’s time to occupy
We walked and wheeled from the battlefield
It’s time to occupy


The Peace Song of the Day is a project of Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace. The Duke and Duchess recognize that one of the paths to peace is to find soulful and nonviolent entertainment, and to express oneself with art and song.

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