Video: Explaining Occupy Wall Street to children

For a children’s BOOK idea, see below, or click to our recommendation: here.

The video below is a wonderful way to explain Occupy Wall Street, and all of the occupations around the country, to children. A parent asked some of the occupiers to describe Occupy Wall Street to their six-year-old daughter.

More about the video:

How to explain Occupy Wall Street to a six year old?

Thanks to The Washington Post for featuring this video. The video description says, “I went to Liberty Square and asked people to explain Occupy Wall Street to my six year old daughter.”

The video includes a way to explain to children: Why people feel the need to “get loud” and demonstrate; Why the police arrest people and the feelings the demonstrators have towards police; Why people are sleeping overnight; How the protesters believe that creating this demonstration and community at Liberty Square will make the world a better place in the future.

One of the best quotes comes at the end of the video. A young woman says, “We can work with each other, and we can feed off each other, and pass energy back and forth to help each other be better people.”

This video could be a great tool for parents, teachers, and other caring adults, to explain Occupy Wall Street in a way that children can understand.

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What about a children’s book to explain Occupy Wall Street?

“This Land Is Your Land” by Kathy Jakobsen fits the bill.
You can purchase a copy from Peace Couple, through Powell’s Books: here.

We have not yet seen a children’s book specifically created about Occupy Wall Street. Will keep our eyes peeled, and post here if we find one.

The children’s book “This Land Is Your Land” first appeared in 1998, and has since been updated with a special edition. The book has bright, folk art style illustrations by Kathy Jakobsen which bring Woody Guthrie’s classic song to life. It includes interesting details such as: a scene with a soup kitchen in a poor neighborhood; images of Woody Guthrie playing guitar with friends; and depictions of picnics and sing-a-longs in various regions of the USA. There is also a tribute to Woody Guthrie written by Pete Seeger.

Every page will stimulate discussion about how things were and are around America, as well as the lessons and culture of Occupy Wall Street. And, your child will become familiarized with a song that has been sung over and over again — with old and new verses — at Liberty Square and many other occupations.

“This Land Is Your Land” is truly beautiful, fun, and thoughtful. It is a great book to use to explain to children ideas such as economic hard times, the joy and power of community, and the focus of Occupy Wall Street.


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FAQs, Summaries, and Tags:

Q: Who created the Youtube Video “How to explain Occupy Wall Street to a six year old?”

A: A parent who goes by “Neek”. The neek5gain Youtube account, where this is posted, shows other videos supporting Occupy Wall Street.

Q: Who could use this video?

A: This video is very child friendly and family friendly. (Except, one, quick glance of a cigarette when someone scratches his face.) The video could be used by teachers in the classroom, or by parents, to explain Occupy Wall Street to young people. This is a great resource for parents and teachers. Children could share this video with their friends.

While this video was not created by an educational company, it could be considered an educational video, or a short documentary on current events that children could understand.

Q: Is this video “kid friendly”?

A: This video is very kid friendly and steered for children. (Except, one, quick glance of a cigarette when someone scratches his face.) This is a great resource for parents and teachers. Children could share this video with their friends.

Q: Where was this video shot?

A: This video was shot in New York City, at Liberty Square, which was formerly Zucotti Park, which was formerly Liberty Plaza. The footage is from October 4, 2011. The video was posted on October 5th. Though, it recently received attention in a Washington Post article which collected various Occupy resources for children.

Q: Is there a children’s book about Occupy Wall Street?

A: As of this writing, Peace Couple has not seen a children’s book come out that specifically relates to Occupy Wall Street. Though, there is a book which describes Occupy Wall Street and its mission well. “This Land Is Your Land” by Little Brown publishers shares the Woody Guthrie classic song, and adds bright, kid friendly, folk art pictures that are a collage of scenes from around America. There are even words of tribute in the back by Pete Seeger, who has performed for the Occupy Wall Street community. You can purchase the book “This Land Is Your Land” through Peace Couple, at their Powell’s Books book shelf: here. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Q: What would be the age range for the children’s book “This Land Is Your Land”, words and music by Woody Guthrie, paintings by Kathy Jakobsen?

A: Mostly, anyone of any age would enjoy this book! Many reviews say the age range would start at about 4 years old or preschool. That would probably be a good age that it would make sense to purchase this book as a gift for a child, and they would enjoy and understand it. But, golly gee, you can sing to babies, and show them the pretty colors! The top age range listed by School Library Journal is 4th grade (about 8 or 9 years old), and that makes sense for children to feel like the text is on target for them. But, grown-ups will love this book! I learned so much from reading it. And, there are little bonus scenes, such as Arlo Guthrie, in his gray curls, painted in folk art, at a recording session with his whole family. Very cool!


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