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New for 2014: We have just opened our own vintage jewelry shop on Etsy! If you shop there, you are directly supporting us and the work we do! It is also fun to look at the pretty figurines and baubles, saved from the wrecking ball of time to be reused/recycled and worn as unique fashion for today:

Wilderside: Vintage & Antique Jewelry at Etsy

We kindly request your support for the work we do at Peace Couple by doing some shopping here (that you would probably do somewhere else, anyway.) We receive a percentage of the proceeds, which helps offset the costs and the amount of time we spend working on this website.

It’s a great way to support each other. You get to buy regal fashions, excellent books, and fair trade items. We get a little appreciation for our time spent researching, creating, and posting.  Thanks for any help you can give in this effort.

With gratitude,
The Duke and Duchess
(aka Ian and Kimberly at Wilderside Ltd)

Here are links and more details about the companies and the items we recommend:

Gaiam is a provider of information, goods and services to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative healthcare and personal development., Inc



Alibris A books, music, and movie store that supports the independent spirit Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies



Taraluna: Fair Trade, Organic, and Green Gifts



AP - Fair Trade Fashion and Footwear Autonomie is where the Duke of Peace buys his all-black, vegan, organic, fair trade hi-tops.  The Duke used to wear the red hi-tops (which he got on sale), but the Duchess was continually comparing him to a certain obesity-inducing corporate clown with large red shoes.  Autonomie also carries cool t-shirts, baby clothes, flip-flops, and rain boots




Powell’s is a socially and environmentally conscious, unionized, independent bookstore (with DVDs!) located in Portland, Oregon. “Party crasher Ralph Nader, on walking Monday night through Mike Powell’s bookstore: ‘This is what civilization should look like.'” The Oregonian, January 23, 2002. Click here for the rest of our Powell’s bookshelf.

Click to buy this bookA Graphic Adaptation Cover Passionate Politics CoverNonviolent Communication 2ND Edition Cover

The Duke and Duchess’s Progressive Bookshelf

Click here to see the complete Green Reader bookshelf at Powells

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