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Buy Nothing Day: Black Friday 11/25/2011

Archival Image: Buy Nothing Day 2006

Well, here, we are, a shopping site, telling you not to shop. Though, it is only for one day a year. We feel pretty sure you could just wait and buy it tomorrow or the next day. And, low sales figures for Friday, November 25th, will make the big stores and the 1% rethink how they sell to consumers, and exploit labor. (And, low sales figures on this one day might also cause prices to lower in time for the winter holidays!)

Peace Couple promotes compassionate shopping. That means standing up for people forced to work late Thanksgiving, or all hours of the day on Friday, because the greedy corporations that employ them are trying to rake in more cash.

So, please consider buying nothing today. But, if you do buy something, please buy it from a small business and/or union business.

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Danny Glover at Occupy Oakland: Re-imagining democracy and humanity

Danny Glover made the speech of a lifetime — the speech of our lifetime — at Occupy Oakland on October 15th. Listening to the speech has sent Duchess Susanna into a fit of hopeful tears, such as one experiences during the happy ending of a momentous film.

The entire video, and all of Danny Glover’s words, are worth experiencing and absorbing. Please watch it! Below, The Duchess has inscribed in text some of the quotes that she was able to capture and type out this morning.

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