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Remembering Ward Morehouse 1929-2012

I have written on this site a great deal about pacifist heroes of the past.  Ward Morehouse is a pacifist her owhom I was lucky enough to have worked with.

Even in our corporatized culture, there are still many people to act as guideposts for how to live a life, they are just not publicized.  Ward Morehouse is definitely one of those Great people.  And I just found out recently that we lost him.

I met Ward in the late 1990’s through The Other Economic Summit North America (TOES).  He was the Chair of TOES NA.  Before there was Occupy, or even the Battle of Seattle, there was TOES.  They would shadow the G8 summit, and put on a conference highlighting a humane vision of the planet’s economy.  Ward was so much more than an academic,  he was a visionary, leader, teacher, publisher, and activist.  The obituary below describes him better than I could.

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