The Duke and Duchess of Peace reflect on Canada Day celebration

After perusing the household treasury, The Duke and Duchess of Peace have determined that they are unable to visit our Canadian neighbors as part of their current tour. Though, it has been interesting to follow the current focus of world thought on Canada.

The Duke and Duchess were disappointed with Prince William’s big speech. Because, the speech included a list of past wars which Canada has fought. We do not believe that countries should be proud of war, especially wars for territory. It would be more honorable to have solved historical differences with diplomacy. You can see the video of Prince William’s speech for Canada Day, which shows the eerie juxtaposition of celebration, pride, and militarism at The Express UK: here. We have concluded that part of his job is to make sure that England will have Canada for back-up again if they want to start any new wars.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace do believe Canada is a wonderful country. And, we have enjoyed studying Canadian culture.

We learned that for many years, the national anthem of Canada was “God Save The Queen”. Though, in 1980, the country adopted a new, more grassroots national anthem, “O Canada“. There is a video of a boys group singing O Canada: here.

At Wikipedia, we also found an interesting list of unofficial, and regional anthems for Canada, which is a fun way to explore Canadian history:

The Maple Leaf Forever” – unofficial old national anthem 1867
“Ode to Newfoundland” – official anthem of Newfoundland and Labrador
“Gens du pays” – unofficial anthem of Québec
“Something to Sing About”
“Canada (The Centennial Song)”
“Farewell to Nova Scotia”
“A Place to Stand, A Place to Grow”
“The Hockey Song”
“Northwest Passage”
“Canadian Railroad Trilogy”

The Duke and Duchess also hope that their native country, the United States, will soon adopt Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land is Your Land” as its national anthem. Woody’s song is much better than the war based national anthem in use now, especially when people remember to sing the last verse.

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