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Remembering oppression: Peace Song for 4/6/2012

“Go Down Moses [Let My People Go]”, an American Spiritual, is the Peace Song of the Day for April 6th. This song is often sung by Jewish families as part of the Passover Seder. Paul Robeson used this song to merge the story of the ancient Jews, oppressed under Pharao, with the story of African-Americans, struggling for human rights.

The Duchess of Peace would like to dedicate this song to the five Supreme Court Justices, who ruled last week that Americans can be strip searched for crimes such as traffic laws, dog leash laws, and jaywalking: Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Justice Samuel Alito, Jr., Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas.

Passover tells the story of people struggling against oppression. In the end, the story is about victory and freedom. May Americans win in their struggle against The Strip Search Decision; the NDAA decision about indefinite detention; and our current climate of militarism and fear.

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