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Let me be me: Peace Song for 1/20/2012

“Don’t try to plan me or understand me…I can’t stand to be understood…”

“Let Me Be” by The Turtles is the Peace Song of the Day for January 20th.

Duchess Susanna chose this song because it expresses some of the principles of Nonviolent Communication/NVC. Also, because it is a kind of freedom song, and freedom of thought song, like “Die Gedanken Sind Frei (“I Think As I Please)”.


[This Peace Song of the Day was actually first announced/posted on 1/29/2012 as part of a marathon catch-up session.]

No arguing: Peace Song of the Day 9/17/2011

(This is a catch-up post. It is being written on Sunday morning, to announce Saturday’s song…)

Sometimes, peace starts with reflecting on our own shortcomings, and acknowledging them to ourselves. I have found that this process can be aided with music and art that portrays the part of us we want to improve. It is a way to study ourselves, and, hopefully, to laugh at our shortcomings.

“We Can Work It Out” is/was the Royal Peace Song of the Day for Saturday, September 17, 2011. The song was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. You can find the lyrics, and sing this favorite Beatles song with friends, by going to page 105 in the Rise Up Singing songbook.

More about this song and NVC/Nonviolent Communication… Continue reading No arguing: Peace Song of the Day 9/17/2011