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A conversation about war: Peace Song for July 6th

Harold Land by Yes is the Peace Song of the Day for July 6th. The piece is fashioned like a story, with really cool music at the beginning and the end.

And, speaking of beginnings and endings…

I am excited about the next few days. I just realized that the end-date for the “Peace Song of the Day” project is approaching. I started picking peace songs for each day on July 9th, 2011. It has been an interesting journey. I didn’t succeed in posting every day. Though, I learned a lot, and uncovered some interesting tunes.

So, I am excited to end the project in style. I will be sure to post a new song for the next few days. And, on Monday, July 9th, I will do a post with some lessons learned and lots of great links. Also, on that day, I will announce the next, ongoing project for Peace Couple.

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