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Jen Chapin on Occupy, Parenting, Food, and Creativity

Jen Chapin album Reckoning
Jen Chapin album Reckoning

OnTheWilderSide had a free-flowing  chat with Jen Chapin about her new album, Reckoning.   We covered topics ranging from Occupy to parenthood.

We started our discussion with Chapin by asking her about the balance between the intimate and the political on the new album, Reckoning. The album includes songs on both ends of the spectrum, such as Insatiable about never-ending war and “Don’t Talk” which praises making love as a needed form of marital communication.


Chapin described the intimate and the political as “a balance I am always trying to strike.”  She saw it as something stretching back through her life:

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It’s for your own Good: Peace Song for 12/17

Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin is the Peace Song of the Day for December 17th. You can find this song on his album “Livingroom Suite”   Duchess Susanna & I bonded over our fondness for this album while we were dating.

Administrators from Riverhead Schools to Gracie Mansion need to understand that creativity and leadership need to be encouraged, not punished. Chapin would often introduce the song by explaining how the inspiration came from a report card that his secretary’s son brought home.  The teacher wrote that:

Your son is marching to the beat of a different drummer, but don’t worry we will soon have him joining the parade by the end of the term.



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