Ringo: #PEACEANDLOVE at Noon 7/7 for my Birthday

Ringo Starr: #peaceandlove for his 75th birthday


from http://www.ringostarr.com/

July 7th, 2015 is Ringo Starr’s Birthday and he’d like for you to celebrate Peace and Love right along with him! At noon, your-time, wherever you are, Ringo invites you to put up a peace sign and say out loud or to yourself, “Peace and love!”

And there are many ways for you to enjoy the moment of Peace and Love: all by yourself, wherever you may be, in a group of friends, or at an event featuring Ringo Starr and friends! Go to the Facebook event page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/995150243851506

How To Participate in #PEACEANDLOVE on JULY 7, 2015


1. Use the hashtag #PEACEANDLOVE to send Ringo your birthday wishes, joining him in his hope for world peace and love for one another.


Gather with friends, co-workers and family in a park or yard or restaurant or house or office, and at 12-noon your-time, flash the best peace sign you can and shout out “Peace and Love”!

Take a picture or video, or better yet, broadcast it on Periscope, live, and share it on social media with the hashtag #PEACEANDLOVE.

Ringo will be choosing a few of his favorite pictures and videos to re-post on his own social media and website.

3. If you aren’t free to gather in a group, all Ringo really wants is for you to have a moment to imagine a world of Peace and Love, so at noon your time, give yourself that moment, and say to yourself, aloud or silently, “Peace and Love”.

4. Ringo himself will also be hosting a birthday event in Los Angeles, where he will join the public gathered to say “PEACE AND LOVE” with anyone around! More details on this to come.


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