On Tuesday 11/27/12, Americans should have a day of reflection, in sympathy with clothing factory workers in Bangladesh

Shopping makes us part of a circle with the people who make our goods, and with the system that profits from our money.

In Bangladesh, over 100 factory workers died in an unsafe clothing factory over the weekend. On Monday, there was another apparel factory fire, thankfully, with no deaths.

These factories exist to make the clothes that we purchase here in America. One of the factories made clothes which were ultimately sold to Walmart (through a complicated supply chain)[ADN]. Other factories in Bangladesh make clothing for brands such as Tesco, JC Penney, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Kohl’s and Carrefour [CNN]. Many of these factories have unsafe conditions. We should support reforms for the workers in Bangladesh, and try to purchase clothing that is Fair Trade or union made.

We can also add our concern, thoughts, and prayers to the people of Bangladesh tomorrow, Tuesday, 27th, when there will be a national day of mourning. CNN notes:

The Bangladesh government, at a Cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, announced a period of national mourning Tuesday. The mourning will mark the Saturday deaths of factory workers in Ashulia and overpass collapse victims in Chittagong, Cabinet Secretary M. Musharraf Hossain said.

The government also announced that all apparel factories would be closed Tuesday and special prayers would be offered at mosques, churches and temples…


Bangladesh story at Anchorage Daily News: here

Bangladesh story at CNN: here.

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