Peace and the Election: Quick Reflections

Peace is our focus here at Peace Couple. So, we like to think about how various events affect our Peace Index.

With elections happening in the USA today, we have been wondering about the effect the campaigns, the focus on national priorities, and the energy of election season might have on the DPCIUS (Daily Peace Culture Index for the United States).

Below are the numbers leading up to election day. They seem disappointing. First a drop in the DPCIUS/Peace Index. And, now, three days of stagnation.

After election day, we will post election-rebound numbers. And, we will also write some thoughts on how the candidates and the peace movement did and did not utilize election season to promote, explore, and nurture peace.

Nov 1, 2012 PAXi: 177
Nov 2, 2012 PAXi: 161
Nov 3, 2012 PAXi: 155
Nov 4, 2012 PAXi: 154
Nov 5, 2012 PAXi: 154
Nov 6, 2012 PAXi: 154 [Election Day for USA]
Nov 7, 2012 PAXi: 153
Nov 8, 2012 PAXi: 154
Nov 9, 2012 PAXi: 154
Nov 10, 2012 PAXi: 155

Please share your thoughts on peace and the elections in the comments.

Did you cast your vote with peace in mind?

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