Occupy San Diego,CA General Assembly 7/18/12

I attended the Occupy San Diego General Assembly (GA) on Wednesday July 18, 2012. Occupy San Diego holds GA’s on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

occupy san diego (5)

The Wednesday GA is held at the Children’s Park at the base of 1st Avenue near the waterfront. Walking along the waterfront to the GA, there are MLK quotes in the cement. I thought this one was appropriate for the GA: 

occupy sd

There were over 25 people at the GA altogether. The forum was open to all who attended included some who were passing through, such as myself. Both procedural and substantive issues were voted on. There was consensus on joining an anti-Walmart action and planing for an anti-war 1st anniversary celebration. There were failed motions to change quorum, and to circulate a candidate’s questionnaire. I was glad to see discussion of involvement in the election. A strain of apathy that is running through the occupy movement that suggests not voting at all has me concerned. I preferred the suggestion at this occupy that if there is no non-corporate candidate in the race then “We the People” should be written in instead.

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