Comic Strip: The Peace Couple and Occupy

Peace Couple Occupy Cartoon

This comic strip is second in a new series. Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna are The Duke and Duchess of Peace. Their purpose is to use the glamour and imagery of royalty to bring attention to the need for peace and nonviolence. In this second comic, Duchess Susanna worries if occupy activists will like them.

[Warning: Plot Spoiler]

For the record, here are the titles that The Duke and Duchess bestow on various people and committees in the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Duchess Ketchup
Mahatma Gandhi, Archduke of Nonviolence
Occupy Wall Street Arrestee #116, Grand Duke of Civil Disobedience
Victoria, Countess of Peace and Order
Adbusters, Royal Instigators
Mic Check, Master of the Kingdom
Justin, Marquess of the Media
OWS Arrestee #5011, Empress of Courage
Martin Luther King, Marquis of Marching
OWS Livestream Teams, Dressmakers to the Royal Revolution

Can you think of some more titles to bestow? Please list in the comments.

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