Poor Boy Blues: Peace Song for January 8, 2012

[Today at Peace Couple we are going to do some serious catching up on Peace Song of the Day. We won’t tweet them all. But, if you check back tonight, you will find a long list of songs that celebrate peace and justice in the spirit of nonviolence!]

The Peace Song of the Day for January 8th is “Poor Boy Blues” [aka “Poor Boy A Long Way From Home”]. It is a traditional song with many variations, and many artists who have covered it. We are going to feature the video and lyrics with Mississippi John Hurt. There is also a rockin’ version with Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler at Youtube: here.

Some lyrics from Poor Boy, A Long Ways From Home
Traditional. As done by Mississippi John Hurt

I’m a poor, poor boy, and a long ways from home
feel like I ain’t got no friend (3x)

Oh, please, please, let me stay all night
I’m a poor boy, and a long ways from home (3x)

This album from Jerry Forney Blues Band has a version of the Poor Boy Blues.  There are also lots of wonderful books about Mississippi John Hurt.


Note: This song was actually announced/published on January 29, 2012, as part of a marathon catch-up session for the Peace Song of the Day project! Putting it back in chronological order for flow.

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