Video: Thanks To Supporters (The Holiday Message) from Occupy Wall Street

Below is the official Occupy Wall Street/OWS video to thank supporters. This video was passed by consensus through the New York City General Assembly/NYCGA on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. It is posted at

Note posted with video at

OWS Thanks Our Supporters
2011 was a revolutionary year for a new movement that is changing the world. From NYC to Cairo, we are just getting started. We are still busy building this amazing movement, and we couldn’t do it without you — our supporters! Let’s make next year even better!

Kimberly writes: The video is a kind of holiday message, or New Year’s message, from Occupy Wall Street. It has interesting insights into the organization and functioning of the NYCGA and the working groups. It has some up-close conversations with members of the facilitation team, and the Direct Action Working Group. The video reminds people that a lot of good work is happening at the atrium at 60 Wall Street, a great place to meet through the winter.

The video also answers the question: Is Occupy Wall Street still going strong?: YES! Is Occupy Wall Street planning to go forward into the future?: YES!


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