Sun & water old life givers: Peace Song for 12/21/2011

Happy Solstice! Hope you are feeling in tune with nature. Winter Solstice will occur at 5:30 UTC [12:30am EST] on Thursday, December 22nd. (Late Wednesday night!). Reaching the Winter Solstice point means that the daylight hours will grow longer again. (Today was the shortest “day” of the year. Could you feel it?)

The Peace Song for December 21st is “Sailing Down This Golden River” by Pete Seeger. You can find the lyrics in the Rise Up Singing songbook on page 235. On this shortest day of the year, it is nice to think of floating down a golden river on a warm, sunny day.

* * *

Excerpt from lyrics:
Sailing Down This Golden River
(also known as Sailing Down My Golden River)
by Pete Seeger

Sailing down this golden river…
Sunlight glancing on the water, life & death are all my own
Yet I was never alone
Life to raise my sons & daughters, golden sparkles in the foam
And I was not far from home…

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