High School and the military: Peace Song for 12/7/2011

Hangin’ In The High School Hall” by Sonny Meadows is the Peace Song of the Day for December 7th.

You can find this song on two different albums: How Does A Patriot Act (Sonny Meadows) and I Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon (Blacklisted & The Banned, with Sonny Meadows, Bob Campbell, Jon Foreman, Bob Westcott, and Robert Langley).

* * *

If this song gets you motivated to discourage the military from spreading its messages of war to young people, consider looking into the counter military recruiting materials available at the War Resisters League: here.

Excerpt from lyrics:

(written from the perspective of
a young soldier who died in Vietnam)

These high school footsteps rumble by.
Some stop to read my name. I cry
out to these children,
“Don’t make the same mistake I made.
Learn to think for yourselves
and question the trumpet’s call
Don’t end up just another name
hangin’ in the high school hall”


Peace Couple has an ongoing project called Peace Song of the Day. We find and list songs which inspire peace and justice, and express the value of nonviolence.

This week, we are trying something new. We are focusing on one, particular artist, who has written a whole catalogue of peace and justice songs…

Sonny Meadows is a Long Island singer/songwriter. We know Sonny from the activist trail. Over the years, he has supported projects to end the wars, support green values, help the environment, and ask for tolerance for immigrants. His songs reflect all of those issues.

Sonny has been part of various bands, including Blacklisted & The Banned and The Defibrillators. You can learn more about Sonny Meadows at his webpage: www.sonnymeadows.com

You can purchase Sonny’s CD’s at CD Baby: here. CD Baby is an excellent source for independent musicians to share their products with the world. And, if you click through our link, Peace Couple will get credit for sending you over there (So, thanks!).

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