Going Down The Road: Peace Song for 11/2/2011

Going Down The Road” by Woody Guthrie and Lee Hays is the Peace Song of the Day for Wednesday, November 2, 2011. You can find the lyrics to this song in The Rise Up Singing songbook on page 181.

This song is dedicated to the folks at Occupy Oakland and the City of Oakland, who are holding a general strike today, including a march to the port. There is live blogging at a local newspaper: here.


Excerpt from lyrics:

Going Down The Road
I’m blowin’ down this old dusty road
Yes, I’m blowin’ down this old dusty road
I’m blowin’ dow this old dusty road, Lord God
And, I ain’t a-gonna be treated this way…
My children need three square meals a day (3x)…
You $2 dollar shoe hurts my feet (3x)…


The Peace Song of the Day is a project of Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace. The Duke and Duchess recognize that one of the paths to peace is to find soulful and nonviolent entertainment, and to express oneself with art and song.

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