Mimetic Theory: Peace Song for 8/14/2011

“The Mimetic Theory Song” is The Royal Song of the Day for Sunday, August 14th. This song was written by Sonny Meadows, for a local peace event. It is very catchy. The song is in the video below, at the 3min 55sec mark:


The Mimetic Theory Song
by Sonny Meadows and friends

You want mine
And I want yours
So, I’m coming across your border

Get out of my way
You better fear me
I’m a victim of Mimetic Theory

More about today’s Song of the Day choice:

The surname of The Duke and Duchess of Peace is “Kasmira”, which means “demands peace”. Peace is not easy to achieve. One way to work on peace is to reflect on the causes of violence, and thus, the antidotes needed to create peace and nonviolence.

Rene Girard created the idea of Mimetic Theory as a literary theory about the causes of conflict. Later, Girard’s idea was expanded upon, and now includes philosophers and researchers who reflect on these concerns. Poet Maxwell Wheat, Jr. brought these ideas to special, Long Island “How To” forum on peace, held by PeaceSmiths. Then, some local artists responded to his idea with music and poetry.

The basic idea of Mimetic Theory, is that, because of innate territorial feelings, if I see my neighbor acquire something, I may get a fierce desire to have the same object. Though, if I reflected on the matter, I might see that the item is not really needed or of value, and release the need to compete for the item or territory.

What books, philosophies, or theories do you study to bring yourself and your community closer to peace? Please send us a note and/or links through the comments.

Thank you,
Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna
The Duke and Duchess of Peace

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