Royal Song of the Day: Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy AnthemsGo Back To Pittsburgh by Easy Anthems is the Royal Song of the Day.   Like the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Peace, this is a song that mixes the personal and the political. Unlike the relationship of Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna, this is a  break-up song. (Duke Augustus has often said that their marriage is forever.) The song voices the feeling of an activist who is leaving a personal relationship and the activism bound up with it, but is struggling not to leave his moral convictions.


Listen to the whole song for the pay-off. The video features a stripped-down, acoustic version of the band.  Is that the Duchess’ voice at the end?

I don’t care
about revolution
I don’t sing
about evolution

Sadly, this is the second incarnation of this band we have seen come and go.  The first incarnation was a young band called Jordan River with catchy melodies and attentio-getting lyrics.  They were very supportive of the local music community.  This early band was broken up by success.  A  driving force behind the band Jordan River was Phil Jimenez.  He was also the producer of Wheatus‘ first album, and toured with them internationally.  The last gig they played was arranged by our friends, the Wilders, for a local art series.

The last incarnation, known as Easy Anthems, put out several albums which are still available.  As on the web are numerous videos of their performances.  As a band they were generous with their time.  They would lend their musical talents to causes they supported.

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