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Susanna, Duchess of Peace writes:

Watching the Royal Family, and the extended royal family, in the media is a kind of celebrity worship, that captures our attention from more important issues, such as what is happening to our own family, or our own community.

So, unless you happen to be a blood relative of the Mountbatten-Windsor clan (or family to groom and rugby player Mike Tindall), I hope you will not give too much attention to the latest royal wedding happening in Scotland on July 30th.

Yes, Zara Phillips is 13th in the line of succession to the English throne. And, yes, she is getting married in a stylish ceremony which many royals will attend.

There will be pretty dresses, decorated room and decorated cakes. There will be adorable children, and family intrigue. And, there will be two people saying vows of commitment. Just like at your own family wedding.

So, why not take this opportunity to pull out your own family wedding albums? Wouldn’t it be more useful to reflect on your own family’s style, history, and culture? Then, if you enjoy the experience, you can celebrate your family history more by: taking out the wedding albums at the next family holiday or get-together; writing a family history; or filling in a family tree. You could even play a game and name your own family’s matriarch and line of succession. Perhaps you could give out titles?

In the meantime, I suppose there is something to be learned by looking at photos of how the other half live. So, if you must, really must, see some photos of the nuptial happenings in Scotland, here are two links to some up close photos of the pre-wedding events:

Nadine Jolie blog photos.

FindingOutAbout photos.

My thoughts after looking at the photos is:

-The young royals seem to like each other, and seemed to want their own pre-wedding party. Kind of made me miss hanging out with my own cousins.

-Even if you board the fancy yacht Brittania, there is still the somewhat intimidating logistic of walking up and down a gangplank.

-The royals seem to be really into jeans. (The bride and groom wore them for the wedding rehearsal. Duchess Catherine wore her jeans a lot on the Canada tour.) Are we supposed to think that this makes the wealthy royals somehow proletariat? ‘Cause I’m not believing that.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace would love to hear about you and your family, and your fancy occasions. Please write about your favorite family wedding story in the comments. Or, send a link to a favorite wedding photo.

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