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Prince William and Duchess Catherine: How the other half live…

Duchess Susanna writes: As someone who values freedom and liberty, I am particularly upset to think that Will and Kate – who are from another country – entered our country without the choice/threat of a full body scanner or an aggressive pat-down by the TSA. I would like to hear more about what kind of measures that they had to endure to travel to The United States, versus what American citizens have to endure when leaving or entering their own country.

On the other hand, I do not wish anyone to have to endure the danger of a dose of radiation administered by a low-level security worker, or a pat-down which is practically sexual abuse. So, I would rather ask that none of us have to endure those bad TSA choices, rather than actually wishing the bad things on Duchess Catherine. Still, that dilemma is part of the problem with politics. If the media and government propagandize certain people to seem like nice, sweet, heroes, then it is hard to wish those people ill, even while their indulgence comes at your expense. Continue reading Prince William and Duchess Catherine: How the other half live…

Tagore, Yeats, Neruda & Cooperatives

Essential TagoreDuke Augustus: My attention was caught by an opinion piece in The Hindu titled  Tagore and the idea of Cooperation which started with a quote from Nobel-Prize-winning Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore:

“Today, economic power has been captured by a small minority. But it has acquired this power only by accumulating the productive power of others. Their capital is simply the accumulated labour of a millions of working people, in a monetized form. It is this productive power that is the real capital, and it is this power that latently resides in every worker …” — Samabayaniti/The Co-operative Principles, 1928.

As the piece goes on to explain: Continue reading Tagore, Yeats, Neruda & Cooperatives

Royal Fashion for Peace and Justice

Duchess Susanna writes: Did you see the rude headlines? What a waste of time. “Pippa wears see-through dress to Wimbledon”. Hope you did not get fooled. It was a black, crochet dress, that looked like something my Grandmother might have knit and/or worn.

I have been contemplating why everyone cares so much about what Pippa Middleton and Duchess Catherine wear. I guess it can be fun and sociable to dress like other women. Though, don’t we all have other women in our lives to emulate?

Fashion is such an important part of our selves and our cultural identity. I am more excited about fashion choices that can protect the earth, create justice, and celebrate peace and nonviolence. Instead of $1,300 leather purses, like the fancy one Duchess Catherine has been wearing, I prefer bags made from cloth or straw. (And, straw is “in” this season, too.)

Duchess Susanna’s Guide to Fashion

The Best Ways To Get A New Outfit Continue reading Royal Fashion for Peace and Justice

The Duke & Duchess of Peace took a respite . . .

from our royal tour in the land of Lilliput with William “Billy” Connolly, Jr., CBE. Sadly, the Duke and Duchess found themselves surrounded by much talk of wars and killing, much like Prince Williams talk of all the successful wars Canada and Britain partnered on.  The Duke and Duchess were pleased that all the war talk ended on a sane musical note:

The Duke then took a walkabout (literally) down to the a local library to return the DVD

North Babylon Library Sign

and pick up a copy of Chaplin’s Modern Times from which the song Smile comes from:  Continue reading The Duke & Duchess of Peace took a respite . . .

Royal Tour: The Duke and Duchess sing a hymn against tyranny

Today’s Royal Tour 4 Peace event was a sing-a-long. You can sing along, too…

Today, July 1, 2011, Prince William and Duchess Catherine attended a Canadian citizenship ceremony.

Some of the media coverage noted that new citizens to Canada pledge themselves as subjects to the Queen of England. The Duke and Duchess of Peace find that pledge to be problematic and undemocratic. The Duke and Duchess believe it is problematic enough for people to pledge alliance to a flag, as in America, especially knowing that to some people, the pledge means going to war at the command of the US government. But, it seems even worse, and somewhat humiliating, to be required to pledge allegiance to one person, an unelected leader.

So, for their Royal Tour 4 Peace, Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna stayed home, and commemorated the days events by singing the song “Because All Men Are Brothers“. The song is about the dignity of all people, and speaks of defeating tyrants. The Duke and Duchess thought it was a good reflection on what it means to have people still subjected to royalty in the 21st century. Continue reading Royal Tour: The Duke and Duchess sing a hymn against tyranny

June 30th: Photos From Royal Tour

Driving for peace
Sights from Duchess Susanna's royal touring for peace


Today, Prince William and Duchess Catherine set down in Canada, and visited The National War Memorial.

The other Duke and Duchess — Augustus and Susanna, The Duke and Duchess of Peace — continued their focus on peace and nonviolence. Though, Duke Augustus had to work at his day job. So, Duchess Susanna, in between errands, went on a scavenger hunt for peace. Continue reading June 30th: Photos From Royal Tour

The Duke and Duchess: First appearance on tour

Duchess Susanna and Duke Augustus at The Peace Pole in Lindenhurst

The Duke and Duchess have started their tour. While Prince William and Duchess Catherine chose to appear at The National War War Memorial, Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna visited The Peace Pole in Lindenhurst.

Duchess Susanna was curious about the place the other royal couple was visiting, so, she did some research at Wikipedia. The National War Memorial in Canada was originally built to commemorate the First World War, though it was rededicated to include the Second World War and the Korean War. How sad to have a monument to war. It also seems ironic that part of the statue includes an allegory for peace and an allegory for freedom.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace do not believe that war is the path to peace, nor freedom. We wish that politicians and artists would offer more clear solutions to true peace, rather than to focus on past wars. Perhaps it is time to focus on peace. Continue reading The Duke and Duchess: First appearance on tour