Prince William and Duchess Catherine: How the other half live…

Duchess Susanna writes: As someone who values freedom and liberty, I am particularly upset to think that Will and Kate – who are from another country – entered our country without the choice/threat of a full body scanner or an aggressive pat-down by the TSA. I would like to hear more about what kind of measures that they had to endure to travel to The United States, versus what American citizens have to endure when leaving or entering their own country.

On the other hand, I do not wish anyone to have to endure the danger of a dose of radiation administered by a low-level security worker, or a pat-down which is practically sexual abuse. So, I would rather ask that none of us have to endure those bad TSA choices, rather than actually wishing the bad things on Duchess Catherine. Still, that dilemma is part of the problem with politics. If the media and government propagandize certain people to seem like nice, sweet, heroes, then it is hard to wish those people ill, even while their indulgence comes at your expense.

I think it is ironic that the royal couple have attended so many horsey events. It just makes you think about the people of privilege and the class differences in our own country. Also, that rich culture and royal culture include a certain lack of respect for animals. Many people, and even British politicians, were asking Prince William and Duchess Catherine not to attend the Calgary Stampede. There are several events that are very dangerous for the horses, and for the riders. Today, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a Polo event in California. That is another event where horses are sometimes harmed, and, where people are sometimes harmed, making bad choices for the glory of, and in the heat of, very macho competition.

I like my princes to be more gentle and less competitive. I do not like to attend sporting events where there is a high chance that an animal or a human may be harmed for my entertainment.

Part of the idea of The Peace Couple website, and our parallel royal tour was to give other options to watching the over-glamorous and pro-military events of the other royal couple. For today’s entertainment, I am going to think about music. More in the next post…

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