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Royal Tour: The Duke and Duchess sing a hymn against tyranny

Today’s Royal Tour 4 Peace event was a sing-a-long. You can sing along, too…

Today, July 1, 2011, Prince William and Duchess Catherine attended a Canadian citizenship ceremony.

Some of the media coverage noted that new citizens to Canada pledge themselves as subjects to the Queen of England. The Duke and Duchess of Peace find that pledge to be problematic and undemocratic. The Duke and Duchess believe it is problematic enough for people to pledge alliance to a flag, as in America, especially knowing that to some people, the pledge means going to war at the command of the US government. But, it seems even worse, and somewhat humiliating, to be required to pledge allegiance to one person, an unelected leader.

So, for their Royal Tour 4 Peace, Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna stayed home, and commemorated the days events by singing the song “Because All Men Are Brothers“. The song is about the dignity of all people, and speaks of defeating tyrants. The Duke and Duchess thought it was a good reflection on what it means to have people still subjected to royalty in the 21st century. Continue reading Royal Tour: The Duke and Duchess sing a hymn against tyranny