The Duke and Duchess: First appearance on tour

Duchess Susanna and Duke Augustus at The Peace Pole in Lindenhurst

The Duke and Duchess have started their tour. While Prince William and Duchess Catherine chose to appear at The National War War Memorial, Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna visited The Peace Pole in Lindenhurst.

Duchess Susanna was curious about the place the other royal couple was visiting, so, she did some research at Wikipedia. The National War Memorial in Canada was originally built to commemorate the First World War, though it was rededicated to include the Second World War and the Korean War. How sad to have a monument to war. It also seems ironic that part of the statue includes an allegory for peace and an allegory for freedom.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace do not believe that war is the path to peace, nor freedom. We wish that politicians and artists would offer more clear solutions to true peace, rather than to focus on past wars. Perhaps it is time to focus on peace.

The Peace Pole Project is an example of people putting the value of peace first. The idea of the Peace Pole is to provide a phrase for prayer or meditation, which can be shared in communities, and cherished by individuals. Peace poles say the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in several languages.

Duke Augustus and Duchess Susanna stopped by the Peace Pole in Lindenhurst on Wednesday evening. Since the paparazzi were not there, they took their own pictures, using the automatic timer on their digital camera.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace were happy to visit the Peace Pole located in front of the Lindenhurst Village Hall. It made an excellent place to begin a royal tour dedicated to peace and nonviolence. There is also a Peace Pole at The Unitarian Fellowship of Huntington. Peace Poles can be found in many communities, and on all continents around the world.

If you would like to make your own peace tour, or peace pilgrimage, you could locate the Peace Pole in your area. If you do, please send us a photo, and we will try to upload it at the site.

Many thanks,

Duke Augustus and
Duchess Susanna

The Duke and Duchess of Peace on tour in Lindenhurst, LI, NY

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