What do peaceful people do for fun? (Intro to Royal Song of The Day at Peace Couple)

Well…Here is a list of entertainment for regular royals, and people who are bought into corporate culture: professional sports; Polo; royal watching; high fashion; expensive concert tickets of corporate entertainers; shopping for the mirage of freedom (aka the instructions of certain politicians after 9-11).

Now…Here is a list of entertainment options for people seeking peace and justice: local sports (or, even better yet, non competitive games); family watching; sustainable fashion; local music; making your own music; and shopping in a spirit of fair trade and sustainability.

Though, if you must do some “royal watching”, please watch The Duke and Duchess of Peace.

The Duke and Duchess of Peace love local music, and love to support local, regionally famous, and down-to-earth musicians. (Duke Augustus is in Huntington at a local music gathering right now!) One of the Duchess’s best memories is camping at Clearwater festival, and realizing that in the evening, there was more than one campfire circle of friendly, earth-loving people, who were singing and playing music Round-robin style.

More info about this book at powells.com (new window)The Duchess enjoys leafing through one of her two copies of Rise Up Singing, and singing or humming her favorite songs. Rise Up Singing is the ultimate campfire book for people who care about peace and justice. Some of the songs bring back memories. Some of the songs teach you things about history and justice. And, many of the songs demand peace. It is useful to have more than one copy of this book, so that you can be the one to start a sing-a-long.

This Peace Couple website will present at least one Royal Song of the Day each day. At the start, most of the songs will be shared from Rise Up Singing.

Today, the Duchess is feeling overwhelmed with the sense of glamorizing the military which has happened during the other royal tour. So, she is seeking a sense of hope for the future.

These are the two Royal Songs of The Day, chosen by Susanna, The Duchess of Peace.

1. “Your Daughters and Your Sons”. By Tommy Sands. Rise Up Singing, page 221.  “…For you sowed the seeds of peace in your daughters and your sons…”

2. “Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream”. By Ed McCurdy. Rise Up Singing, page 161. “…I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war…”

Here are video samples from Youtube:

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