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I’ve Got Soul, But I’m Not A Soldier: Peace Song for 3/26

The Peace Song of the Day for 3/26/2012 is “All These Things That I’ve Done“, by the alternative rock band, The Killers (2004).

The song includes a great line for young people trying to resist the temptation of choosing the military as a career. There is a mantra in the song that goes, “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier”. For more ways to resist war, and resist military recruitment at school, you can see the Counter Recruitment page at War Resisters League: here.

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Two (Plus 2) Opinion Pieces on the London Riots

Update 9/2011: Two more pieces on the London Riots.
Looking back after some time has passed…

Article One from 9/2/2011
Essex: Researchers say politicians partly to blame for recent riots

“People who trusted Government were less likely to break the law…The conclusion we drew was that their trust in politicians would make them less likely to engage in the illegal activity that we observed in the riots.”

Article Two from 8/31/2011
(Specific politicians’ reactions to the riots.)
David Cameron rejects claim politicians’ behaviour was to blame for riots

Our Original Post:

The Duke and Duchess of Peace strive for nonviolent solutions to problems. We do not in anyway condone the violence and looting happening in relation to the London riots that started in Tottenham and have spread. This is the third night of riots. We offer our empathy to the people of London, and hope that they find a nonviolent solution to this problem quickly.

For the purpose of reflection and study, we offer the following two opinion pieces, which give background and analysis concerning the situation:

The Daily Beast
London Burns as Riots Spread Continue reading Two (Plus 2) Opinion Pieces on the London Riots