Will your Rep Join @BruceBraley on #AfghanistanTuesday ?

Joe Scarry posts about our first #AfghanistanTuesday suceess in Scarry Thoughts: AfghanistanHour: Speak Now Or ….:

This is what it looks like when a member of Congress states his position on getting out of Afghanistan:

Bruce Braley represents Iowas 1st congressional district and this is a tweet he sent August 26 in response to our query, “Where do you stand on bringing #troops #home from #Afghanistan?”

There is now a movement for #AfghanistanHour for Tuesday at Noon to be reserved for our elected officials to tweet their question about bringing the troops home: 

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/#!/Scarry/status/111853518352171008″]

The focus of #AfghanistanHour is to hear from members of the House of Representatives. Though I am a strong supporter of localizing democracy, I believe we should also remember to call out those at the top.  So I humbly request you take an additional 30 seconds tomorrow to tweet:

@BarackObama End the #Afghanistan War #AfghanistanTuesday


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