Has Your #Peace Group Joined #AfghanistanTuesday ?

Duke Augustus believes #AfghanistanTuesday is an effective way for your Peace Group to bring attention to the 10- year war the US is conducting in Afghanistan.  The US corporate media ignores any protests against the war, and even ignores that a war is going on.  The best way to stop the war is to bring the issue directly to thecitizens.  if you are not familiar with Twitter, they track search terms with a “#” before them, and report which ones are “tracking” meaning they are getting a lot of tweets.

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So what can your peace group do?  Get your members to give 5 minutes to advocate for peace: 

  1. get a Twitter account.  That’s as easy as getting an email account.
  2. Tweet on each Tuesday witht the #AfghanistanTuesday hashtag
The biggest push is to send the #AfghanistanTuesday tweets to our elected officials twitter accounts.  When you tweet with the @ and the person twitter handle it shouws up in their twitter stream.
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Joe Scary has had great posts on #AfghanistanTuesday including this on wich includes the Twitter handles of Midwest US elected officials, and positive outcomes for #AfghanistanTuesday
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