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Peace Song of the Day for 1/2/2012 and thoughts on catching up

We Are One In The Spirit by Peter Scholte, is/was the Peace Song of the Day for January 2, 2012.

This is a more specifically religious song than we usually put on the Peace Song list. Though, it has themes of peace, unity, and working together which resonate with the life of a peace activist. So, take what you like, and leave the rest, as they say. (For more thoughts about songs and religion, and for a secular version of “We Are One In the Spirit”, see the Peace Couple post: here.)


The Duke and Duchess of Peace (aka Ian and Kimberly of Wilderside, Ltd) announce a Peace Song for every day of the year. The Duke and Duchess believe that one of the ways to peace is through joyful, nonviolent entertainment. We encourage you to express yourself with singing, playing, and/or composing music about peace!

Song variations: We Are One In The Spirit (religious and secular)

Since Peace Couple is designed as a gathering place for people who strive for peace, nonviolence, and harmony, we try to keep it open to people of all (or no) faiths and philosophies. While some people find religion and spirituality to be uplifting and build community, other people are concerned with the way that the practice of a specific religion can create differences, confuse people, or leave people out.

So, we have been choosing peace songs that avoid naming or praising god or a specific religion.

But, what about wonderful songs, with powerful ideas, which may resonate from our past, and/or help articulate good visions for a world of peace? Continue reading Song variations: We Are One In The Spirit (religious and secular)