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People are not the same: Peace Song for 1/4/2012

The Color Song by Patricia Shi is the Peace Song of the Day for January 4th. You can find the lyrics and chords to this song in the Rise Up Singing songbook on page 238. The song uses child-like images and simplicity to share an important message about diversity.

You can find a sample of this song, and/or purchase the CD or MP3 of the album at CD Baby: here. You can find more songs, books, and good ideas (for children and adults) at Patricia Shih’s website: here.

Excerpt from lyrics: Continue reading People are not the same: Peace Song for 1/4/2012

Song variations: We Are One In The Spirit (religious and secular)

Since Peace Couple is designed as a gathering place for people who strive for peace, nonviolence, and harmony, we try to keep it open to people of all (or no) faiths and philosophies. While some people find religion and spirituality to be uplifting and build community, other people are concerned with the way that the practice of a specific religion can create differences, confuse people, or leave people out.

So, we have been choosing peace songs that avoid naming or praising god or a specific religion.

But, what about wonderful songs, with powerful ideas, which may resonate from our past, and/or help articulate good visions for a world of peace? Continue reading Song variations: We Are One In The Spirit (religious and secular)

Royal Song of the Day: Wed 7/20/2011


“Free To Be You and Me”is the Royal Song of the Day. This song is from the 1970’s classic children’s recording by Marlo Thomas & Friends. You can find this song on page 109 of our favorite songbook Rise Up Singing.

Being hot makes me want to sing out. I chose this song for the heat wave because it is joyful and lyrical. Makes you feel cool all over.

The song celebrates the spirit of diversity in a carefree and uplifting way. (And, the video has carousel horses! Lots of fun!).

Royally Yours,
Susanna, Duchess of Peace