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Preparing for Earth Day: Peace Songs for 4/21/2012

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, 2012

(See a long list of peace songs for Earth Day after the video!)

Lily of the Valley (cc) Dger at Wikimedia

Books for Earth Day at onthewilderside: here.

Duke Augustus’ favorite Earth Day stuff: here.

White Coral Bells” is the Peace Song of the Day for April 21st. It is a short, sweet song about Lily of the Valley flowers, often sung as a round.

A riddle: Is it more important for people who want peace, to realize that peace starts with loving the earth? Or, is it more important for people who love the earth, to realize the only way to save the earth is to end the wars and embrace peace?

Probably a riddle that doesn’t need to be solved. Though, it does go to the heart of this website. In caring for peace and justice, Kimberly and Ian were drawn into green activism. Then, while submersed in green activism, we realized that we really wanted a special place set aside for pacifism and peace. Those feelings were part of the vision that became this Peace Couple project.

Because of the interconnectedness of peace work and environmentalism, many of the Peace Songs of the Day are about earth, nature, and the environment. Each song we list also reflects the value of nonviolence.

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