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Garlic Festival: Spontaneous, local, shopping

Organic Garlic: Three different kinds
Organic Garlic: Three kinds

Garlic Festival at Garden of Eve Organic Farm and Market in Riverhead, Long Island, New York.
2012: Saturday, Sept 29th and Sunday, Sept 30th

Our photos at Flickr: here.

Yesterday, we were driving on the Eastern End of Long Island, and stumbled upon a Garlic Festival at a local, organic farm. It is good for the earth and for our health to buy things in season, and to be creative with local bounty.

We bought three of the many different varieties of organic garlic available. Pictured are: Polish garlic, German garlic, and Elephant garlic (The Elephant Garlic is the biggest one. It doesn’t even fit in my ceramic garlic keeper!). Continue reading Garlic Festival: Spontaneous, local, shopping

Oct 20th: Occupy Wall Street with your bank account [PLUS Bank Transfer Day on Nov 5th]

Compassionate Finance: Bring Your Money Back To Your Community
Emancipate Yourselves at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street, and the occupy movement, are an attempt to solve the problem of disparity of wealth and political influence between the 99% of people, and the 1%. A lot of the focus is on making corporations accountable, and on keeping mega-banks in their place.

This week, there is a way for you to directly put a crimp in the power of the mega-banks. You can join with the 99% to make a shift from big banks, to smaller, locally-based credit unions. You can celebrate “International Credit Union Day“, an annual event sponsored by the Credit Union National Association [CUNA].

On October 20, 2011, consider closing (or starting the process of closing) any bank accounts you have with big banks, and moving your money to a credit union (or small, local bank.) That is all you have to do to make a big difference, and send a huge message to the mega-banks and to our government.

As CUNA notes:

Credit unions are unique because they

are not-for-profit, democratically controlled,

member-owned cooperatives. Continue reading Oct 20th: Occupy Wall Street with your bank account [PLUS Bank Transfer Day on Nov 5th]