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Thinking about NATO: Peace Song of the Day for 5/16/2012

Jello Biafra‘s “Attack of the Peacekeepers” is the Peace Song of the Day for May 16th.

This choice is somewhat unusual for our Peace Couple daily project, because it is punk rock, a little too fast for most campfire singers, and has quite an edge of sarcasm. Though, NATO will meet in Chicago, and this song is an interesting way to think about the facts of peace, war, and military strategy.

This song is from the 1980’s. It alludes to the way that NATO made us believe we needed their bombs and military might to ward off the Soviets and East Germany. It is interesting to realize how the Soviet and East German threats truly faded away. And, it might be interesting to update this song with verses about the fake war on terrorism.

Sample lyrics and more info on the Chicago demonstrations at the readmore… Continue reading Thinking about NATO: Peace Song of the Day for 5/16/2012

Punk Rock, Seattle and Kent State

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Seattle’s Experience Music Project (EMP), then you can get a good taste of of the type of collections they have amassed through Taking Punk to the Masses: From Nowhere to Nevermind.  The book is assembled by Jacob McMurray, a Senior Curator at the EMP.   The book is packed with full-page photos of punk rock memorabilia with a facing 2 -paragraph story about the item and supplementary 1-paragraph quotes musicians and music industry workers.   And did I mention that there is a DVD full of oral history interviews from punk insiders?

Despite its coffee table book appearance, McMurray tries to keep the punk rock do-it yourself ethic by letting the artifacts and punk denizens speak for themselves.  There is something appropriately humorous about seeing pages of cut-and-paste zines and rock show posters on a full page in crisp full-color photographs.  The quotes from the publisher/artists who created them and musicians who were featured weave together to give a sense of moment.  And sometimes the creator and object merge such as the Nirvana show posters hand-drawn by Kurt Cobain.  Continue reading Punk Rock, Seattle and Kent State