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Drums of War: Peace Song for 12/11/2011

That's Sonny Meadows, on the right. (Love those shades!)

It’s the last day of “Sonny Meadows Week” at Peace Couple! (If you have not headed over to CD Baby to check out his work, and get copies for yourself and as gifts, you should do so now, while you remember.)

On this last day: What song should we pick?…

“Drums of War” by Sonny Meadows is the Peace Song of the Day for December 11th. You can find this song on the album Bibles, Guns & Flags. In the liner notes, Sonny Meadows comments on his inspiration for this song:

Written in response to Kosovo and my own personal experiences in Viet Nam, but applies to the Mid-East, Africa and everywhere we let vengeance take the place of common sense.

You can find a sample of this song, or buy the album or MP3,
at CD Baby: here.
(Drums of War is Track 4)

Excerpt from lyrics: Continue reading Drums of War: Peace Song for 12/11/2011